The Plane Truth for Golfers

The Plane Truth Program was founded by Jim Hardy. Jim is ranked #7 in the 50 greatest teachers of all time by Golf Digest Magazine and learnt about the golf swing from his mentor, John Jacobs. He has worked with a number of PGA tour players including Paul Azinger, Peter Jacobson, Brad Faxon and Mark O’Meara and played the PGA Tour himself before focussing on helping others to improve their golf. Many people ask me about my Plane Truth Certification and what it means to me as a coach and to them as a player.

The sole purpose of the golf swing is to deliver the club to the ball correctly. The method employed is of no significance as long as it produces a correct repetitive impact. – John Jacobs

My focus is not on how the swing looks but on how the ball flies. We all aspire to have a swing of beauty but reality is we’ll never look as good as Rory!

FACT…… Golf is what the ball does.

Any lesson you take should be to improve the ball flight and your shot pattern to make it more solid and predictable.


Everything you change in your golf swing will have a profound effect on the impact of the golf ball and so it is vital that whatever it is you change, you change to make you a better and more consistent golfer. You should continually question yourself or indeed the instructor you are working with by asking, how will this help me, and what effect will it have on my ball flight? Put simply, The Plane Truth instruction allows the golfer to hit the very next shot better whatever level of golf they play.



About Simon Tillson

Alresford Golf Club, AA PGA Professional & Level 2 Plane Truth Certified Instructor, Hampshire County Coach
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