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I thought this month I would offer my thoughts on putting. There may be something in the belly putter after all………………

In my experience the majority of short putts missed are down to the ball not having enough speed on it to drop often causing the ball to break off line near the hole.

Dave Pelz, the man famous for helping USPGA golfer Phil Mickleson with his statistics, believes a putt that would finish 17 inches past the hole has the optimum speed to drop. How many of your putts would roll this distance past if you missed?

So why do so many people not hit the ball hard enough? Often its because the golfer is accelerating the wrong end of the club at impact. To stop wrist breakdown or excessive rotation of the forearms, many golfers lead with the back of the top hand in a bid to keep the putter face square to the hole. In doing so the head is decelerating and the grip end of the club is speeding up. All the energy is being applied incorrectly and the ball never gets rolling.

The Arrows indicate the end of the club accelerating. On the left is the loss of energy highlighted in blue by pulling with the hands. On the right shows the positive energy being transferred into the golf ball by accelerating the putter head. A pure pendulum action.

Next time you are practicing, have a go at getting the putter head accelerating past the grip end of the club. It may feel as though you are rotating the putter face off target, or indeed that you are using excessive wrist movement. You are simply keeping the putter square to the arc and on plane with the right arm. You will deliver more energy into the ball and see more putts drop at better speed.




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Alresford Golf Club, AA PGA Professional & Level 2 Plane Truth Certified Instructor, Hampshire County Coach
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