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Preparing the Golfer for Exercise

Since the rise of Tiger Woods in the mid-nineties, a new breed of golfers now occupy the professional circuit. Those that were already on the circuit, have started to sit up and take notice that there was more, much more, to golf than just being able to hit a nice looking golf shot.

You see pre Tiger Woods, it was fair to say the majority of golfers just practiced and played the game of golf. Now don’t get me wrong there were some fantastic players over the years (who’s records still stand and whose legends will go on) but their focus and their attention were placed mainly on the golf shots and less about the bodies that ultimately executed those golf shots. We have now hit the new era of the fitter, healthier, more athletic and psychologically enhanced golfer.

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Intrinsic Biomechanics for the Golfer

Golf is a sport of complexity, for that there is no doubt; and with so many factors determining the final resting place for that little white ball, it is essential to eliminate as many of these factors that are with-in your control as much as possible. One of these factors is your intrinsic biomechanics:

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