Goal Setting

You are learning to be the best golfer you can be, but this requires not only technique and physical ability, it requires mental toughness, characteristics of confidence, courage, patience, and commitment.

You can learn to master the fundamentals of the inner game.

The key question is what do you really want to achieve in golf? Desire will only survive with so many other things clambering for your attention if you nurture it, and stay focussed. This is achieved through clear goals and commitment, an essential part of every great golfer’s mindset.

Success will come only when you do the right things, repeatedly and patiently.

You can make a decision now:-

Commit to a continuous programme of improvement and honour those commitments

“Your written goals need to include those that are big enough to get you out of bed in the morning and those small enough to take action today”

Desire (Goals)

The energy to sustain the character required to be a winner (including courage, commitment and patience) comes from a strong desire, so we start with the key question,

What do you really want?

Also, desire needs to be cultivated, nurtured and monitored to survive, we do this through goals.

Goals provide direction, desire gives energy and passion.

The commitment starts from writing the goals down, and talking to your coach about them. If you set goals your subconscious will attract things that will support the goal.

To help you with your goals download our worksheet:  Planning A Set Of Goals


‘If you don’t set a goal you’ll drift’


‘Would you tell me please, which way

I ought to go from here?’

‘’That depends a good deal on where you

want to get to,’ said the Cheshire Cat.

I don’t much care where…’ said Alice.

‘Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,’

said the Cat.


Adapted from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland


Have clear goals, believe in yourself,

and then with your Coach

discover how to make it happen

About Peter Taylor

Msc .MCIPD Personal Development Trainer Mindcoach to Hampshire golf union school of excellence
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