Golf Analysis Wheel

Golf is a game of many parts. Sometimes it pays to take a “helicopter view” of your game , so that you can focus your attention on the areas of your game that need improvement.

This is where the Golf Analysis Wheel can help you. Commonly used by coaches, it helps you consider each area of your game in turn and assess what aspects needs more attention.

The Golf Analysis Wheel is a powerful tool because it gives you a visual representation of the where your golf game is right now, compared with the way you’d ideally like it to be.

How To Use The Wheel

1. Print the “Golf Analysis Wheel

2. Take time and review each of the wheels segments.

3. Mark your level of satisfaction out of 10 regarding each element of your game on the wheel. It’s up to you how you score but remember… honest with yourself.

4. Once you have completed the wheel imagine what would happen if you put the wheel on a car a drove down the road with it. For most of us golfers we will be in for a bit of a bumpy ride!

On the positive side it highlights immediately where you must apply the priority of changes to your game. i.e if your short game scored a 2 and other elements of your game are 6 or 7’s then your priority of attention must be on your short game. That’s not to say that you should not continue to work on other aspects of your game.

It’s important that you repeat this process every month in order that you continue re-evaluate the areas for improvement.




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Msc .MCIPD Personal Development Trainer Mindcoach to Hampshire golf union school of excellence
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