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Golf Analysis Wheel

Golf is a game of many parts. Sometimes it pays to take a “helicopter view” of your game , so that you can focus your attention on the areas of your game that need improvement.

This is where the Golf Analysis Wheel can help you. Commonly used by coaches, it helps you consider each area of your game in turn and assess what aspects needs more attention.
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Goal Setting

You are learning to be the best golfer you can be, but this requires not only technique and physical ability, it requires mental toughness, characteristics of confidence, courage, patience, and commitment.

You can learn to master the fundamentals of the inner game.

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Outcomes Thinking

Mental toughness (tenacity) is fundamentally about managing our fear in all its guises. ‘Fear’ or what is considered the mind-body’s natural response, alarm and unease, to the perception of not feeling ‘safe’. The key belief to adopt is “whatever happens I will handle it”.

Let’s start with one element of mastering our thoughts – ‘Outcomes Thinking’.

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Preparing for the ‘Big One’

Whatever that is in your world, local Club Championship, Monthly Medal, the British Open. How do you apply the very best in mental skills to prepare?

Bad news first, ideally any preparation for this would need to already be in place i.e. to not do anything different that you would apply to any game, except where you are adding additional interference by thinking more about it.

Good news, I’m determined to live in the real world and give you something really useful to recognise most of you don’t have sound mental routines and habits in place and this match is one that you might start thinking about preparing.

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